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Many entrepreneurs have the vision to change lives with their products and/or services, but for Mrs. Brittany Washington, she just wants you to love yourself no matter who you are and where you are in your own personal journey called life.

Washington created My Beautiful Fluff as a brand to help make women be proud of who they are no matter what size they are, “I wanted to embrace fluffy people.” The term fluffy is one that her mother affectionally has called her since birth. Born in Rock Island, Illinois, Washington graduated from St. Ambrose University with a degree in Business Management. Happily married and as a stay-at-home mother, Washington has always been interested in plus size fashion and body positivity. Washington decided to embark on the natural hair journey and she wanted to order a t-shirt that had a graphic of a woman with an afro, but the carrier didn’t have any t-shirts in her size. After continuing her search when she did find t-shirts in her size they were men’s shirts in which she had to customize but cutting out the shoulders to give the shirt a feminine feel.

That’s when she got the idea of starting an online store of her own embracing women of all sizes. Originally named, “Curvacious Curls,” Washington wanted to create an online retail outlet that catered to women that didn’t fit the description of society’s standards of beautiful: natural hair, plus size, fluffy. Being passionate about self-love, accepting your body the name was changed to My Beautiful Fluff incorporated a childhood nickname of fluffy that her mother has called her since birth.

In its third year of operation, Washington continues to drive sales to her site and increase profits year after year. The Beautiful Fluff brand has been a sponsor of a number of Black women conferences and sponsor of runway shows. Washington is currently working to expand her brand and hopes to partner with boutiques and stores to build a physical presence offline to My Beautiful Fluff

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