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Who created “Trap Music?”

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While Gucci is running around claiming his stake as the founder of trap music.  T.I. is making public announcements with Angie Martinez that he is the rightful founder of trap music.  What is trap music?  Wikipedia describes trap music as “a hip hop music subgenre that developed in the late 1990s to early 2000s from Southern hip-hop in the United States. It is typified by double or triple-time sub-divided hi-hats, heavy kick drums from the Roland TR-808 drum machine, layered synthesizers and an overall dark, ominous or bleak atmosphere. The term “trap” referred to places where drug deals take place. ”

But does anyone remember Atlanta’s very own, Big Boi, from OutKast perhaps first mentioning and describing the “trap” in their song, “SpottieOttieDopaliscious,” on their 1998 album, “Aquemini?”  Big Boi describes late in his verse at the 5m:00s mark:

“Funny how shit come together sometimes (ya dig)
One moment you frequent the booty clubs and
The next four years you & somebody’s daughter
Raisin’ y’all own young’n now that’s a beautiful thang
That’s if you’re on top of your game
And man enough to handle real life situations (that is)
Can’t gamble feeding baby on that dope money
Might not always be sufficient but the
United Parcel Service & the people at the Post Office
Didn’t call you back because you had cloudy piss
So now you back in the “TRAP” just that, ‘TRAPPED”
Go on and marinate on that for a minute”

But Brian “Z” Zisook of the website,, is taking it a step further to Bun B and Pimp C of UGK with their 1992 release, Too Hard to Swallow.

In 1992—when T.I. was 12 years old—approximately 709 miles southwest of Atlanta in Port Arthur, Texas, rappers Bun B and Pimp C of UGK introduced the trap lifestyle—one that centered around a lifestyle of selling drugs and pimping in some of the country’s poorest neighborhoods, often with little to no hope of breaking the cycle—to listeners on their debut album Too Hard to Swallow.”

Then Zisook goes a step further by bringing 8Ball & MJG into the picture, “If you travel 384 miles northwest of Atlanta to Memphis, Tennesse, 8Ball & MJG did the very same thing in 1994 on their On the Outside Looking In album.”  Zisook continues on giving praise to 8Ball & MJG though they never used the word “trap” in any of their song titles, “Though neither UGK nor 8Ball & MJG recorded a hit song or album with “trap” in the title, and might not be an exact match sonically with what is immediately recognized as “trap” today, the content of their music was flush with all of the same attributes that T.I. covered in his industry-changing LP nearly a decade later.”

READ MORE on Zioosk article on trap music here: T.I. Says He Created Trap Music, But He’s Wrong.  Also, Andre 300 if you are reading this, Zioosk is also willing to donate a kidney and both pinky toes for you to do a solo album.

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