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The death of the “City of Atlanta”

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After two years of managing a satirical Facebook page poking fun of all things newsworthy of metro Atlanta.  The page has seen its demise in recent days after an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reader called an act of terrorism.

In Friday’s AJC article, “Fake ‘City of Atlanta’ Facebook page dead after Stone Mountain prank,” the outlet describes Ben Palmer as the long-time operator of the Facebook page, and previously posted an article announcing the implosion of the Confederate memorial of Stone Mountain Park; Palmer labeled the national confederate monument a “symbol of white supremacy” and was set to be demolished Sunday.

Apparently, a few people didn’t take too kindly to Palmer’s sarcasm.  One Facebook user called the satire an act of terrorism.  The AJC states that it is unclear what caused Facebook to delete Palmer’s beloved page of over 100,000 followers, but he thinks that someone didn’t like his comedic take on Stone Mountain Park and reported him.

After the unexpected deletion of his page, Palmer posted the following: 

“The satirical Facebook page ‘City of AtIanta‘ was pronounced dead at GradyHealth, 2:49AM EST on August 2nd, 2018.”

“Cause of death: Facebook deletion”

“While the cause of deletion is not known, it is suspected that it was removed as a result of the event ‘Stone Mountain Implosion,’ a joke about gathering together to watch one of the United States’ largest Confederate monuments self-implode.”

“City of AtIanta, you will be remembered and not forgotten. For almost two years, you became a staple in the Atlanta community. You brought joy and laughter and entertainment to millions of people.”

“May your ashes be spread across Piedmont Park and all of 285. Rest in Paradise, Hope you get to ride the Ferris wheel in heaven.”

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