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It’s Never Too Late

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As we as humans evolve and change so does our lifestyles.  One particular thing that evolves along with us is our taste and style in music.  With each generation, the new artist takes our music to new levels that expands each genre’s reach.

Within the genre of R&B, we no longer have artist singing ballads, adoring love songs, and just music that you can relax with your loved one in a comforting environment.  The days of James Ingram, Jeffrey Osborne, Billy Ocean, Alexander O’Neal, Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, and Toni Braxton are no more except for some artists such as Jill Scott, Ne-Yo, Maxwell, Tank and more.

But there is a new artist on the scene that is trying to make a change to that.  The R&B crooner, JTreece, wants to make new music for the ears of the old school to enjoy, and old school music for the iPhones of the new school to discover.

Born in Asheville, North Carolina, and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, JTreece began writing music and playing

instruments as young as the age of 9.  Writing his first song, “funk the funk,” JTreece developed a sound that followed the music of such artists at that time: The Gap Band, Cameo and more.  JTreece entered the military and continued to write songs, and singing in R&B groups over the years.

Today he is continuing to reside in Baltimore JTreece is not pursuing music full-time as an artist, but more as a part-time crooner that simply wants to release music every so often for his love of music.  He’s current single, “2nite,” has been gaining attention in various online stations and radio stations overseas in Johannesburg and two in England.  The single has broken the top ten as the #9 song on the playlist of the online radio station, Next Level, out of Dallas, Texas.

The JTreece’s full album, “Never 2 Late,” can be found on any streaming platform of your choice.

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