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Cornerstore Caroline issues an apology

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After causing so much hoopla about a minor child grabbing her butt, Theresa Klein who has also been dubbed as “Cornerstore Caroline,” has apologized to the family of the child that she accused. 

-After watching a surveillance video showing the child did no such thing, 
“Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry,” said Klein.  She appeared to be lost for words as onlookers called her racist, yelled for her to be expelled from their Brooklyn community.

Earlier this week Klein gained national media attention after claiming a 9-year-old Black boy grabbed her butt as she was standing at the counter and he was walking by.  But the surveillance video clearly shows that the boy’s bookbag brushed up against her as he was walking by.  

Klein made threats to the boy’s mom that she would call the police to have him locked up. Causing the boy and his little sister to ball out crying, pleading to their mom in fear. 

Neighbors of Klein has said that she is a well-known racist that just moved into the community that has written on sidewalks that she hates ni**ers, Jews and more.   Many interview snippets have surfaced online with Klein being interviewed and being interrupted by upset neighbors.

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