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Georgia Senator snatches GaTech student’s phone

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David Perdue, a U.S. senator representing the state of Georgia, was on the campus on Georgia Tech.  A student took it upon himself to question the senator on camera about endorsing a Georgia candidate for governor, Brian Kemp, about allegedly purging voters based on their race.  

When the student asked Sen. Perdue his question his phone was snatched away from Perdue as he says, “No, I am not answering that,” and walks away.  Sen. Perdue appears to be accompanied by someone, and that person hands the student back his phone.  

The student continues to follow behind Sen. Perdue questioning him, but he is ignored as Sen. Perdue greets other constituents.   

Sen. Perdue is endorsing current Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, that is running for Georgia Governor against, Stacey Abrams, a Black woman who could become the first Black woman governor of the United States.  

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