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Mom praised as a warrior after shielding her baby in a hail storm

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Queensland, Australia- Fiona Simpson, a 23-year-old mother was out with her infant daughter when they both were unexpectedly caught in a severe hail storm with tennis ball size hail.

“It was so scary but there was no time to be afraid. It just all happened so fast,” said Simpson.

Simpson was out enjoying the day with her grandmother and daughter as they all got caught in the storm traveling back home from a coffee house.  

Simpson told the Australian Broadcasting System (ABC), “I wasn’t driving very fast because I couldn’t see very well… I couldn’t see in front of me, I couldn’t even see the line on the road.”

Quickly thinking of her daughter’s safety, Simpson jumped to the backseat to cover her from the tennis ball size hail.  While in the hospital she posted photos of her badly bruised body, and told everyone that she learned her lesson to never drive in hail again.

People from all over the internet began to praise her for her warrior ability.  

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