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Credit: Fox2Now St. Louis

Apartment Patty insist she is not a racist and wants her voice to be heard

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She said she was only doing what she was told to do when coming across someone she doesn’t know trying to gain entry into her apartment building.

“When I noticed an individual that I did not know here, my only thought was to follow directions I had been given by condo association board members repeatedly; and that’s to never allow access to anyone that you don’t know,” Hillary Thorton tells St. Louis’s Fox2Now.

Hillary Thorton became known as, Apartment Patty, earlier this week as a video went viral of her trying to stop a Black man from entering her Elder Shirt Lofts last week.

Thorton says that she has been called a racist, received death threats and has also been fired from her position with Tribeca STL.  Coincidentally, Thorton is legally married to a Black man and tells Fox2Now that she wouldn’t change one thing about her actions last week.  

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