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Cobb County Georgia Police chief defends officer’s arrest of 12-year-old child

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Atlanta’s WSB-TV’s, Tom Jones, spoke with Cobb County Police Chief, 
Michael Register, about the viral video of a Cobb County officer arresting a
12-year-old boy.  

Register said he opened an internal investigation after the officer was caught on camera making the controversial arrest of the boy and his aunt, and much criticism circulated after calling the officer a racist.  But Register stands by his officer actions and firmly states that he did nothing wrong.

The 12-year-old child, Corey Jackson, an ambitious local rapper that is known as, “Lil C-Note, and for selling his CDs at the Cobb County Mall.  The mall has previously issued Jackson warnings of trespassing while trying to sell his CDs on the mall property.   

On October 6th mall personnel caught Jackson on the property trying to sell  CDs once again and an off-duty Cobb County police officer was called.  Register says what doesn’t appear on the video for the public to see is Jackson being combative with the off-duty police officer, trying to bend the officer’s fingers back and push or punch him in the chest. 

Register believes that the whole encounter could have been avoided if would just have cooperated and his aunt acted more like an adult, “I wish the aunt, who is an adult, would simply have tried to de-escalate the situation,” said Register.  

The officer still remains on duty, but has received death threats and was forced to shut down all of his Instagram accounts.  Jackson’s aunt was charged with felony obstruction and Jackson himself was charged, but later released to his father.  


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