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Uganda Archbishop proposes tithes of his congregation payroll deducted

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A Catholic Archbishop in the country of Uganda is growing tired of being short-changed with his congregation’s tithing.

Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga is so upset that he has proposed to the local government that they start payroll deducting 10% of monthly salaries, and forward the deduction to the church.  

The Archbishop believes that many Christians nowadays don’t tithe and it is affecting many projects of not only his church, but churches everywhere. 

“Whenever we ask for tithe, everyone gives only what they have at that time. But the Bible says a tenth of whatever you earn belongs to the church,” said Archbishop Lwanga.

In Germany, many people are registered as Catholics, and Protestants and Jews have a church tax that allows automatic 8-9% deduction of one’s annual tax, and forward to their respective faiths.  The Archbishop would like to see his congregation registered, and deducted an annual tithe as well.

“I was told Germans make agreements with their government to deduct monthly tithe from their salaries and forward it to the church and this money they use to build and renovate their churches,” he said.

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