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High school basketball team forfiets tournament after fans display Trump 2020 re-election flag

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Michael Walker, coach of the Minneapolis Roosevelt High School, wrote on Facebook, “please explain how and why this is appropriate at a high school basketball game?”

Walker’s team of African-American boys from the inner-city community of Minnesota pulled out of the invited tournament. A mother of one of the teens that displayed the flag claimed ownership of it, and stated that the teens just wanted to continue to show support for a long-scheduled USA blackout theme night.

Walker and many others weren’t accepting that excuse, “I coach a predominantly black inner-city high school team,” Walker said. “We go out to a rural area in Jordan, MN and this is there.”

Walker and his team are also known for a little controversy of their own for protesting the National Anthem by staying in the locker rooms during both home and away games.

Minneapolis schools spokesman Dirk Tedmon said that tbe Jordan High School team was informed of how Walker’s boys that don’t participate in the National Anthem

The district superintendent released the following statement, “[District officials] regret that Roosevelt players and their coaching staff, fans and community were made to feel uncomfortable, as it is always our intent to graciously host our opponents,” said superintendent Matt Helgerson, according to the Tribune. “[The district is] reviewing this matter and collecting information [and] working cooperatively with the Minneapolis School District and Roosevelt High School in our review and response to this event.”

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