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Kentucky teen denies mocking Native elder

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The Kentucky teens of the private school, Covington Catholic High School, denies ever having any intention of disrespecting the Native elder that served in the Vietnam war. The one particular teen, Nick Sandmann, seen in the video of who appeared to face off with a smile. Released a statement Sunday stating the video gives a false impression that he and the teens were the instigators.

Sandmann is seen wearing a “MAGA (Make America Great Again)” cap as he stands in the face of Nathan Phillips, 64, as he beats his drum. Sandemann insists that Philips was the one who approached him, “I never interacted with this protester. I did not speak to him. I did not make any hand gestures or other aggressive moves.” Sandemann says him and his classmates were involved in a shouting match with a group of African-Americans protestors that were yelling racial slurs at them while they only responded with their school spirit chant.

The New York Times reached out to Philips to verify Sandmann’s story, and Philips explained that he stepped in between the argument to help ease the tension, “I stepped in between to pray.”

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