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Who’s The Boss?

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Former child star, Alyssa Milano, is currently in Georgia trying to show the local politicians who is the boss.

Protesting the new Georgia abortion ban, the “heartbeat” bill, that is waiting for Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, to sign into law.  If Kemp signs it, the ban will prevent a woman from seeking an abortion if a heartbeat is detected.  It is reported that the heartbeat of a child can come as early as six weeks; sometimes before a woman knows she is pregnant.

Milano is currently in Atlanta filming her Netflix comedy series, “Insatiable,” and is using her position to recruit a number of Hollywood greats and production companies working in the state of Georgia to protest the bill.  The Writer’s Guild of America had previously issued a warning to the state of Georgia that if the bill passes, they will be risking losing production projects.

Because of the state of Georgia’s generous tax-credit, the state has become the third state with the most production projects; following California and the state of New York.

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