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An act of public humiliation gives a homeless man a second chance in life

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With no place to go, Simon Childs often slept at work while in between his shifts.

An employee of a Fayetteville, McDonald’s, his coworkers was aware of his situation and overlooked makeshift sleeping arrangements. Until one day, Luann Cofield, a customer that came in and noticed him sleeping in a booth. After complaining to the staff, Cofield took a photo and shared it to her Facebook account.

Her caption read, “in the McDonald’s in the middle of town and saw this guy sleeping in the booth, I go and tell an employee that someone is asleep in their booth and her response was “oh yeah, we know hee hee,” its okay” and I said “not really but whatever.”

After Cofield posted the photo it immediately received backlash for publically shaming Childs of his living conditions. Many in the Fayetteville community donated funds, clothing, and even a car to help Childs get around. It is also being reported that Childs has been provided a temporary residence and offered a new job that starts next month.

In the meantime, Cofield has deleted her Facebook account and has reached out to Childs with the help of Atlanta’s WSBTV Channel 2’s Matt Johnson to apologize for her actions that actually had a positive impact on his life.

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