Saturday , January 25 2020
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California set to become the first state to ban natural hair discrimination to allow Blacks to wear their hair naturally

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There are many Blacks here in the United States of America who feel that in order to be taken seriously and/or to look like a professional is to straighten their naturally curly, kinky or perhaps even big hair.

As a 40-year-old male who has had long hair for half of my life, I have gone to a number of job interviews and been told I was perfect for the job but asked if I was willing to cut my hair. Not willing to do so, I was bypassed for the job.

The California state assembly has passed a bill that banned employers from discriminating against people with natural hair.

For decades Blacks have felt pressure to wear their natural hair to fit the grooming necessities of their White counterparts. But today, more and more Blacks are accepting their natural hair as it grows and proudly displaying it. But employers are not seeing that way, therefore, the state of California wants to be the first state to recognize those who grow and wear their hair naturally, and making it illegal for those who discriminate against them.

The city of New York was the first to set a ban in February by banning natural hair discrimination in citywide.

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