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Doorman Dave ignores the cries of his son

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San Francisco, CA – Which would be more important to you, the cries of your own child begging you to leave a dramatic situation or the need to verify a stranger’s identity?

California Bay Area resident, Christopher Cukor, who is now being called, “Doorman Dave,” found it more important to ignore the cries of his son during a #LivingWhileBlack situation in San Francisco.

35-year-old software engineer, Wesly Michel, posted the video below of him waiting for a friend of his at a San Francisco condo. Michel tried entering the building as Cukor and his son was exciting. It was then that Cukor began to question Michel and requested that he use the building’s call box; which is understandable.

As Michel records the incident, Cukor calls the police and his son begins to beg him for both of them to leave, but instead Cukor wants to show his privilege by calling the police to respond to the matter. As you hear the fear in Cukor’s son voice, he begins to cry and continue to ask to leave.

As Cukor is on the phone with 911 authorities, the resident friend that Michel was waiting on arrives and appears to be handicap. Cukor confirms with the resident that Michel knows them, and he then hangs up the call with 911.

Social Media has already dug deep to identify who Cukor is by exposing that he is originally from Berkeley, California, and currently works for YouTube. In 2013, Cukor’s 69-year-old-father, Peter Cukor, was murdered by a mentally ill intruder, and Cukor went on to sue the Berkeley Police Department for not responding to their 911 call in a timely manner.

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