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Media reports no team have shown interest in Kaepernick

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It has been over a week since Colin Kaepernick held a private workout at a high school within the metro Atlanta community of Riverdale. After a number of accusations between Kaepernick and the NFL going back and forth accusing one another of wrongdoing and orchestrating publicity stunts.

Kaepernick continues to remain unsigned without any teams expressing an interest in him.

But the BIG question that many people would like to know is why is Kaepernick wanting to continue to play for an organization that he is accusing of collusion? Don’t get me wrong, but I am all for Kaepernick for playing in the league again, but let’s face the truth… It’s not going to happen.

Kaepernick is a very talented QB and took the 49ers to great heights during his helm as their team leader. He would be a team jewel to ANY team that would pick him up, but it is obvious that no team wants to have him aboard.

So why continue to try to get their attention if they have no interest in him? Kaepernick has received a settlement, I am sure he is receiving a nice licensing fee from Nike and he has the potential to do more within the community. I know football is his passion, perhaps even his first love, but stop chasing after an organization that wants nothing to do with you. That road is continuing to look more and more like a deaded option.

We need to work within the community and develop alternative options just as Ice Cube did with the NBA by creating the Big 3. Kaep, I am sure Master P is waiting for that phone call from you any day now.

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