Thursday , January 23 2020
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New Jersey House Democrat loses staff after informing them of his decision to become a Republican

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Freshman House of Representative, Jeff Van Drew, ran as a Democrat in 2018 to represent Lower New York, but just Sunday Van Drew has informed his staff that he will be switching his party affiliation to Republican.

After meeting with Trump Friday, Van Drew informed his staff of his decision of becoming a Republican. Disagreeing with his decision, various members of Van Drew staff resigned from their positions by stating by letter, “Sadly, Congressman Van Drew’s decision to join the ranks of the Republican party led by Donald Trump does not align with the values we brought to this job when we joined his office.”

Allison Murphy, Van Drew’s chief of staff, is not expected to resign being that she has been a part of his staff since his days of the New Jersey State Senate.

The following staffers have resigned from their positions with Van Drew: Javier Gamboa (legislative director), Edward Kaczmarski (deputy chief), Justin O’Leary (deputy chief), Mackenzie Lucas (communications director) and Caroline Wood (legislative staff assistant).

The office of, Cheri Bustos, the chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has announced that the resigning staff of Van Drew’s office are welcome to work with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee until they find a position that aligns with their values.

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