Thursday , January 23 2020

Seeking Sponsors For Independent Documentary Release

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Are you an entrepreneur and/or small business owner seeking to break the international market?

The Independent Black Farmers

“The People’s Department,” the first installment of the four-part documentary series, “The Last American Plantation,” independently produced by Art, Trade Lifestyle Media Group is seeking sponsors.

As a non-traditional media outlet where commercial and alternative mediums meet, it is our goal to use news and entertainment as a vehicle to appeal and educate users of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.  Create marketing concepts and projects, and partner with local stakeholders to bring them to life.

We have already made an impact on our own in the federal courts with a judge who requested a copy of the first segment of our documentary to use as an exhibit in a current civil rights hearing. Once we are officially done with the entire series, we are sure to make an even greater impact around the world with your help.

As a sponsoring partner, you would help us with our financing needs by assisting us with travel to capture additional footage, marketing and financial assistance with the subjects of our documentary. In addition, we have a fiscal sponsor to help your sponsorship become a tax write-off donation.

Independently, we have already made a great impact within the Black Farming community nationwide, various film festivals and as previously mentioned… In the United States Federal Courts. But now with your partnership, we can make an even greater impact internationally. If interested, please contact us for more additional information on sponsorship opportunities.

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