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A date night couple dragged off a NYC subway train after being mistaken as suspects to a 911 call

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Brooklyn, New York – After enjoying a night out with one another, a young Black couple that appeared to be in their early 20s were minding their own business on a subway train, and were later mistaken for crime suspects.

The New York Post has posted a video that has gone viral of a number of NYPD officers swarming a subway train and taking the male in custody. It is reported that someone called 911 advising them of a man with a gun and the NYPD officers identified the young man as the suspect.

“What did I do? What did I do? I just came off a date,” he’s heard saying as the cops pull him out of the car.

The female counterpart of the young man quickly jumps to her mate’s aid, but is detained with handcuffs by a female NYPD officer.

Neely Grobani, said she boarded the subway train with the couple at Times Square-42nd Street. She wrote in a Tweet, “The fact that they were looking for something and there were people on the train, they could’ve asked: ‘Did anyone see something?’ They didn’t engage at all. It was upsetting and concerning to me,” Grobani said.

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