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Klobuchar endorses Biden after ending her 2020 bid

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Dallas, Texas – “What I want all of you to do is vote for Joe,” is what former presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar said to a crowd rallying for Joe Biden.

Klobuchar continued on by saying, “Vote for decency. Vote for dignity. Vote for a heart for our country. That is what he will bring to the White House.” Klobuchar ended her bid for the White House after falling short in the South Carolina primary. Klobuchar joined former presidential candidates: Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg in endorsing Joe Biden.

Klobuchar’s endorsement of Joe Biden comes on the heels of Super Tuesday as 14 states and the American Samoa caucuses hold their primaries that amount to 33.8% of the nation voting.

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