Does Mike Bloomberg still want to help invest in Black America?

It is said that former presidential candidate, Mike Bloomberg, spent over $500,000,000 (five-hundred million) on his short-lived campaign run. Much of that money was spent trying to capture the Black vote. Painting a whole new image of Bloomberg after he received bad publicity for his treatment towards Blacks during his tenure as NYC mayor.

Bloomberg started a campaign, “Mike for Black America,” that was an agenda that would “invest into the Black wealth creation and close the racial wealth gap that plagues our country.”

Watch the commercials below that he ran during the month of February for Black History month , promoting his visit to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for his “Greenwood Initiative.”

But now that Bloomberg has suspended his campaign run for president. We would like to know if he still wants to help Black America grow or was his proposed agenda conditional to winning the presidential nomination?

#IsMikeStillForBlackAmerica #Invest$500MillionInTheBlackCommunity

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