Olive Garden customer didn’t want to be served by the “colored”

Evansville, Indiana – Young 16-year-old, Amira Donahue, was just doing her regular duties as a hostess at the popular national restaurant chain, Olive Garden.

Later on, in Donahue’s shift, during the dinner rush, she tried to help serve a group of people that had a White woman that immediately complained about her color and demanded to have another server that was White. The manager on duty quickly complied with the customer’s request and replaced Donahue with another employee as requested.

“She made comments about me to my co-workers concerning my race and saying that I should work at a strip club instead,” Donahue told NBC News on Wednesday. “She asked if I’m even black and if I am from here.”

After witnessing the entire ordeal, Maxwell Robinson, 22, wrote about it in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

A spokesperson for Olive Garden, Meagan Bernstein, has been in contact with NBC News to speak of the organization’s zero tolerance for any type of discrimination. “As a result of our investigation, we made the decision to separate with the manager involved,” she said.

READ MORE: Olive Garden customer loudly demanded a nonblack server — and the manager complied

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