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Sen. Elizabeth Warren ends her presidential campaign

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Charlestown, Massachusetts – After not being able to secure any delegates during Super Tuesday, presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, has decided to end her campaign.

Warren joins Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer that have recently ended their presidential race. The last candidates that continue to remain in the race is former Vice-President, Joe Biden, and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

Out of all of the presidential candidates, Warren and Sanders, were the only two candidates to meet with struggling Black Farmers to help develop a plan to revitalize the Black farming community, but Warren was the only had often met with Black Farmers during her campaign and develop a comprehensive plan to aid them.

  1. Transform the culture of USDA from the top down to root out discrimination.
  2. Radically restructure the office that handles civil rights.
  3. Reform the civil rights complaint process to prevent abuse. 
  4. Stop USDA from letting itself off the hook for civil rights complaints.
  5. Address discrimination in the local administration of farm program resources.
  6. Strengthen USDA’s focus on farmworkers.

Click on the link to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s official website to learn more about her plan, and how we all can help the Black Farmers.

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