Nataniel Woods executed just hours after granted a stay

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Attmore, Alabama – Supporters for Nataniel Woods, 44, were filled with joy after receiving news that he was granted a stay.

But just a short time later the stay was lifted and the state of Alabama continued on with Woods’ execution. Woods was convicted for the 2004 murders of three police officers: Carlos Owen, Harley Chisholm III and Charles Bennett Woods himself did not commit the murders, but was accused of being an accomplice.

Initially, for Woods’ death, the sister of Harley Chisolm III had come forward to speak against the execution, “I am writing to express my sincere wishes for Governor Ivey to stop the execution of Nathaniel Woods. I am the sister of Harley Chisholm III. I do not think that Nathaniel is guilty of murder. I urge Governor Ivey to reconsider her decision not to intervene.”

The officers were attempting to survive Woods with an arrest warrant at a suspected crackhouse. Kerry Spencer, Woods’ alleged accomplice, has confessed to the murders by using a high powered weapon. Woods and Spencer were convicted by two separate jurors, and Spencer’s execution date has yet to be set.

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