Krystle Concepcion Villanueva

A mother sentenced to life in prison for decapitating daughter’s head after she asked for a bowl of cereal

Hays County, Texas – The Statesman of Austin, Texas, is reporting that jurors have convicted, Krystle Concepcion Villanueva, 27, of capital murder of a child younger than 10; also aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against the child’s grandfather.

Giovanna Lori Villanueva

“Ms. Villanueva claimed that, at the time of the attacks, she had been under the delusional belief that her daughter and her father-in-law had been replaced by clones and had to be killed to bring back her real family members,” Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau said in a statement. “While evidence indicated that Ms. Villanueva had been treated previously for mental problems, the prosecution pointed out that all such treatment coincided with prior drug abuse.”

Villanueva is accused of stabbing and decapitating her five-year-old daughter, Giovanna Lori Villanueva, 5, after she asked to have a bowl of cereal.

Villanueva’s defense team tried urging the jurors to convict her for reason of insanity, but their efforts failed. Blood test after her arrest proved that she had the presence of marijuana and alcohol in her system.

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