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Independent Black Farmers protesting in Atlanta (c)2013

Asheville, North Carolina – Did you know that Black Farmers across America are facing a horrible epidemic of land theft by our own government officials?

Imagine your property being foreclosed on for a loan that you paid off long ago, being accused of receiving a loan that you never received and/or being a recipient of the $1.2 billion Pigford II class-action lawsuit, but had to use the money to pay off the taxes from the lawsuit that were supposed to be waived while the lawyers and so-called advocates handling the lawsuit received millions that were supposed to help you!!!

Senator Elizabeth Warren has held various conference calls with various Black Farmers across the country to develop a plan to demand justice. Help us properly document this plan and expose the needs of Black Farmers:

  1. Transform the culture of USDA from the top down to root out discrimination.
  2. Radically restructure the office that handles civil rights.
  3. Reform the civil rights complaint process to prevent abuse. 
  4. Stop USDA from letting itself off the hook for civil rights complaints.
  5. Address discrimination in the local administration of farm program resources.
  6. Strengthen USDA’s focus on farmworkers.

Click on the link to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s to learn more about her plan, and how we all can help the Black Farmers.
Thousands of Black Farmers who didn’t take part in the class-action lawsuit are still waiting to see their day in court, but many are dying due to old age and/or health reasons; leaving their heirs in desperate despair.

Art, Trade & Lifestyle Media Group, Inc, presents, “The Last American Plantation,” a four-part documentary series about Black Farmers and their ongoing battle against racial discrimination, land theft, and the demand for justice with the United States Department Agriculture (USDA).

Art, Trade & Lifestyle Media Group, Inc. Founded in the metro Atlanta community of Belvedere Park, and with operations in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an African-American owned and independently operated media group, our primary goal is to operate with respect and properly represent the communities that we strive to serve. Our second goal is to produce original content that best represents who we are as a community without any substitutions.

By advertising and/or sponsoring this project, it allows us to hire additional staff, pay for the cost of travel to cover new stories, produce original content and more. 

We have various advertising and sponsorship rates available to those of various budgets; some sponsorship packages qualify as a tax-write through our 501 (c) fiscal sponsor, “Co-Operative Agriculture For Minorities.” The finished production will be exclusively available on our online platform:, and a portion of the streaming proceeds will be donated to further assist Black Farmers across America.

If you are interested in becoming an advertising/sponsorship partner. Please email us at info@ArtTradeLifestyle.Media to receive additional information.

“Art, Trade & Lifestyle… Without Any Substitutions”

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