A conference call with Black Farmer Michael Stovall

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Town Creek, Alabama – Saturday, March 14. 2020 will be the dawn of a new movement… Justice For Black Farmers.

Black Farmer, Michael Stovall, of the Independent Black Farmers and founder of Co-Operative Agricultural for Minorities will be the subject of a conference call sharing his two-decades-long battle with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Independent Black Farmers protesting the USDA by the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta (C) A.T.L. Webmag 2013

Stovall will be sharing the details of his current battle with the USDA that entails the agency trying to foreclose on his farmland. Stovall received a farm assistance loan that was later closed after the terms being deemed unfair and discriminative. A recognized figure within the national Black Farming community, Stovall has traveled throughout the country assisting other Black Farmers.

Hear of Stovall’s plan to assist other Black Farmers and/or the heirs of Black Farmers that are in need due to land theft and discrimination practices of the USDA. Also learn how you can be of assistance to Black Farmers who are struggling to maintain their farmland, operations and more importantly, their health.

To learn more about this conference call, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1118036075202574/

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