Receive $4,500 to be injected with the Covid-19

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London, England – Are you willing to be a guinea pig to help save humanity? If so, Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in East London is one of 20 companies trying to come up with a vaccine to Covid-19.

The New York Post is reporting that the company is seeking 24 volunteers for the research. “The human guinea pigs — who will receive a battery of tests before being selected — will be given two of the virus’ weaker strains, 0C43 and 229E, which should cause mild respiratory symptoms. They will then be given new or existing vaccines.”

“Doctors — who will wear protective clothing and ventilators — will analyze the patients’ responses to the vaccine, and the results will help researchers focus on the most effective treatments in order to fast-track them.”

Volunteers will be evaluated while they are quarantined for two weeks, eat a restrictive diet and exercise regularly.

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