Zion Williamson gives back by providing a month’s salary to Smoothie King Center employees

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New Orleans, Louisiana – Only 19-years-old, New Orleans Pelicans first-round pick, Zion Williamson, has stepped up to the plate to help the employees of the Smoothie King Center.

Everything is closing due to the coronavirus epidemic, and as a result, many employees are being laid off until further notice. Employees of sports, theatrical and various other venues are often part-time and/or season employees that are paid wages that are slightly higher than the minimum.

Due to the NBA suspending their season until further notice, a great majority of the Smoothie King Center employees will not have a form on income coming in to help with their cost of living during this hectic time.

Williamson has pledged to pay the Smoothie King Center’s employees’ salary the next 30 days. We estimate that Williamson will be paying the salary of about 750 employees at $10 an hour, working an average of 30 hours a week… That’s about $2,250,000.

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