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Marquee of iconic Oakland theater shows fictional upcoming movie titles

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Oakland, California – Perhaps the most popular theater in the California Bay Area, the Grand Lake Theater proudly displayed fictional upcoming movie titles on their marquee…

“Double feature coming soon: ‘The Death Of The Coronavirus’ plus, ‘The End Of Donald Trump’.”

Originally opened on August 1, 1929, by Abraham C. Karski and Louis Kaliski, the iconic theater has been operated by a 94-year lease originally held by West Coast Theatres, but has switched over to other tenants over the years; the 94-year lease is now managed by Renaissance Rialto. Known to be politically active within the community, theater management used the marquee at times to voice community support for various issues.

Upset about the outcome of the 2000 presidential election, theater management erected on the marquee, “This Is America — Every Vote Should Be Counted.”

On November 2, 2011, the theater closed its doors in support of the Occupy Oakland general strike, “We proudly support the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Closed Wed. to support the strike.”

FOX 2 KTVU is reporting that the theater is temporarily closing its doors along with the major theater chains such as AMC and Regal. The website of the theater has the message, “We are saddened to announce the Grand Lake Theater is temporarily closing for the health and safety of our employees and customers. We will reopen as soon as safely possible. Much love from your friendly neighborhood movie theater!”

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