GoFundMe page to beat Dr. Umar Johnson’s ass

Lawrenceville, Georgia – An individual by the name of, “Truth Watson,” has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to beat Dr. Umar Johnson’s ass.

Dr. Umar Johnson

In Watson’s page description, he writes “Hello guys. For the last 6 or 7 months, I have been doing my research on Dr. Umar Johnson. And I am not happy with what I discovered. He is arrogant, he has buck teeth & he pretended to be on the phone with goons on an Instagram live. After gathering all information, I decided that I am going to fly to wherever he is located and beat his ass. All donations are welcomed for flight/lodging. I will record the ass whoopin and upload it in real time. Remember ‘donate a piece of cash if you want me to beat his ass’.  thank you for the support.”

Dr. Umar Johnson is a school psychologist and Pan Africanist speaker that is widely known for his community involvement. Johnson claims to be a descendant of Fredrick Douglass, and previously tried to raise $5 million to purchase an old HBCU building in Virgina, and reopen it as a boarding school for young black boys. Only able to raise $400,000, it’s been questioned what Johnson has done with the raised funds over the years. In the video below, Johnson speaks with Roland Martin about the status of the school and his intentions of opening it in 2018. Today, the school has yet to be open and is now being reported to be open by August 2020.

The GoFundMe page has only been in operation for two days. As of Friday morning, it has raised $165 dollars of its $500 goal and the campaign was later removed.

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