Trump Virus surpasses Italy and China

New York City, New York – While the United States has surpassed Italy and China with the number of infections, New York City has become the epicenter of the Trump Virus.

While initialing refusing to acknowledge and take any action against the virus, President Trump labeled the coronavirus a hoax. There have been reports by various outlets such as the New York Times that have recorded President Trump’s response and lack of preparation. “When the first case of the virus was reported in the United States in January, Mr. Trump dismissed it as ‘one person coming in from China.’ He said the situation was “under control” and “it’s going to be just fine” — despite a top official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention telling the public to ‘expect more cases’.”

As the number of infections in China continued to increase, and additional cases reported in other parts of around the world. President Trump continued to neglect the fact that the virus is spreading quickly. The health of the American people was at stake.

On February 26th, the first reported case of transmission in the United Staes was reported. The individual was a patient from California that had no prior history of traveling overseas.

Just three days later on February 29th, the first death from the coronavirus was reported within the state of Washington. Finally, on March 13th, President Trump declared a national emergency. The Center For Disease Control warned against large crowd gatherings of more than 50 people.

During a press conference on February 16th, President Trump sparked outrage with his remarks. Insulting the people of China, President Trump started referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus.”

But in actuality, the coronavirus (Covid-19), is President Trump’s virus. Trump’s leadership during this pandemic has been subpar. President did not take initiative while the American peoples’ health was at stake. The United States is now recorded to have more coronavirus cases than any other country. As of Sunday, the CDC reports that there are 122,653 people infected and 2,112 deaths.

The federal government has not imposed a national travel ban, but a total of 26 states have issued state-wide stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders. International travel has been restricted at this time as well.

On Friday, House passed a $2.2 trillion stimulus package to help combat the Trump Virus. A virus the United States could have easily prepared if President Trump would’ve taken initiative to protect the American people.

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