Amazon could be in talks to purchase AMC

Several media outlets are reporting that online retail giant, Amazon, is in talks to with AMC to take it over. Fortune Magazine tried reaching out to both organizations and there was no response.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on various businesses and the movie business is one of them. Because of quarantine restrictions, moviegoers have not been able to see their weekly box office releases. Some film distributors/film production companies have adapted and released their movies online as a streaming option.

As the nation’s largest theater chain, AMC has been struggling to keep afloat. In April, AMC banned Universal from their theaters because of the move to streaming their “Trolls World Tour” film. After deeming the Troll’s stream a success, Universal began to explore other streaming options.

If Amazon’s interest in AMC is true, the online retailer could use it as a theater distribution option for their film division.

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