Nicholas “Redd” Scott, Sr

From hustling buttons to engagement speaking

Stone Mountain, Georgia – I have known Nicholas “Redd” Scott for over 25 years. Before moving to Decatur in 1996, I was residing in Asheville, North Carolina, with my other and attending Asheville, High School. There I met “Nick,” the Bankhead bouncing shawty for East Point, Georgia, that had relocated to Western North Carolina. By the end of that school year, Scott had the ENTIRE student body feeling as if they all could do the Bankhead Bounce. There were students everywhere challenging each other here and there in the dance.

Now 25 years later Scott is residing back in Atlanta bouncing to a new kind of hustle… Entrepreneurship. Scott currently operates one of metro Atlanta’s largest button manufactures, “Redd Buttons.”

Credit: Nicholas “Redd” Scott, Sr

In recent years Scott has paired with Hustle University As the cofounder of Hustle University, Scott travels with founder, “Hotep,” providing entrepreneurs the resources to help improve their hustle. They also engage with elementary schools to expose to them the various careers that they have to choose from in life.

“I have several products, but the first product is myself. I am Nicholas “Redd” Scott and I am a speaker, an author, and a student engagement specialist. I just like to call myself an engagement specialist,” said Scott.

“We have programs that empower at-risk youth and traditional unserved populations. Our services include personal development for educators, strategic planning an consulting for schools and school leaders, and high impact youth planning and parenting communications.”

Scott expressed that he likes working with children the most because they are our future and wants them to be aware of their options as they grow older, “I like asking children what is that they want to be when they get older. Some say a sports star, movie star, or some other type of high profile celebrity. But then I ask them if they know about other careers, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and more. I want them to know that there are other rewarding careers out there to learn about.”

While not on the road with Hustle University, Scott consults businesses and apartment complexes on customer engagement and the importance of providing great customer service. He has written a book properly titled, “Service Equals Sales.”

Nicholas “Redd” Scott can be found on all social media platforms @ReddSpeaks. If you ever see him out on the streets ask him to show you how to do that old school Bankhead Bounce.

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