“Rick Ross… You are the father!!!”

Its seems that Mr. Maybach Music has a lot of kissing up to do with his ex, Briana Camilles.

It is being reported that Rick Ross has been confirm as the father to Camille’s two younger children, two-year-old Billion and three-year-old Berkeley. Camille is reported to be pregnant with Ross’s third child.

During late 2019, both Ross and Camille got into an public altercation that led to Ross kicking Camille out. Camille claims that Ross has not contributed anything towards the welfare of the kids nor her prenatal care.

Ross stoops to new levels after posting an Instagram video calling Camille “Fat Girl” after discovering the results of the paternity tests.

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Miles J. Edwards

Born with a little California Love, and raised with a little SouthernPlayalisticCadillacFunkyMusic.

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