Pamela “Chef Mela” Chance

Atlanta, Georgia – Pamela Chance is a woman of many talents and of many resources. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Chance has been residing within the Atlanta metropolitan area for the past 28 years.

Previously working within the fields of government and marketing, Chance describes cooking as her biggest passion. She has cooked for years by watching the elders within her family. Chance started posting videos “How To” videos on YouTube to help teach her nephew who resided across the country how to cook. Not knowing the videos would generate public attention, Chance has garnered over 1.3 million views with 10K followers.

She has written a book called, Soul Food Volume 1: The Basics and is available on Amazon. Chance is currently working on writing Volume 2.

If interested in contacting Pamela, she can be reached at:

Email: chefmela@gmail.com
Website: https://www.thejoyofsoulfood.com/

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