A teenager drowns after accepting a dare to swim across a lake

Tunica, Mississippi – Only meant as a dare from his older brother, J.W. Ransom was eager to prove that he could swim from one bank to the other, but tragically the teenager drowned trying to do so.

In a live Facebook feed, Ransom is seen contemplating on whether or not if he should take the dare from his brother. Ransom is seen walking back and forth trying to decide if the dare is worth the risk. The brother and what appeared to be friends of the siblings offered Ransom money to take on the dare. Ransom is offered several amounts of money that would equal to what he wanted to use for a car down payment and first month’s payment.

Finally taking the dare, Ransom tries swimming cross the lake, but after reaching the middle. He appears to be drowning and yelling for help. Not taking Ransom’s calls for help serious at first, they all would later realize that he indeed was in desperate need for help.

Ransom died from drowning, and a 30-minute video later appeared showing authorities trying to recover his body. That video and the live Facebook video of Ransom’s actual drowning has been deleted from Facebook.

It has been reported that Ransom would have been graduated from high school next month and he leaves behind a seven-month-old daughter.

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