White woman’s effort to weaponize 911 backfires

New York City, New York – Within the past 24-hours a video has gone viral of a White woman trying to weaponize 911 against a Black man, Christian Cooper. Christian recorded a video of, Amy Cooper (no relation), threatening to call 911 and report an “African-American man” is threatening her life.

Christian Cooper

The Ramble is an area of Central Park that is known for avid bird watchers to sit and enjoy the area. Required by park rules to have dogs on a leash while in the area, Christian politely asked Amy to place her dog on the leash, but Amy caused a necessary ordeal that since gone viral.

After proof of the altercation showing how Amy was the one at fault with her racist actions. Amy’s actions have backfired and faced backlash. Her employer has placed her on administrative leave, and the dog kennel she received her dog from has retrieved the dog.

Amy has issued an apology, “It was unacceptable. And words are just words and I can’t undo what I did,” Amy Cooper said. “But I sincerely and humbly apologize to everyone, especially to that man and his family.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City has since commented with a Tweet.

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