Raw footage of George Floyd’s arrest shows he never resisted

Minneapolis, Minnesota – The four arresting officers of George Floyd stated he resisted, but raw footage obtained from several outlets shows that Floyd never did such a thing.

Monday a video went viral of four officers arresting George Floyd for fraudulent activities. The video shows Floyd on the ground for 10 minutes with an officer kneeling into his neck cutting off his air circulation. Floyd begged to be allowed up because he couldn’t breathe. Repeatedly telling the officers over and over that he couldn’t breathe.

In the first 46 second video shows the first two arresting officers getting Floyd and his passengers out of the vehicle. Instead of resisting, Floyd appears to be struggling to get out of the vehicle. The officer then tries to yank Floyd out of the vehicle as he continues to struggle to get out.

The second video shows the officers walking up to Floyd’s vehicle and the vehicle behind Floyd’s vehicle that recorded the 46-second video. Again, Floyd is not resisting and the passengers of Floyd’s exit without any problems.

Floyd is walked over to sit along the wall where he sits cooperative. He is then walked across the street to a vehicle where he appears to have fallen just as they were trying to place him in it.

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