No Justice. No Peace.

A new generation united together and filled with anger

Atlanta, Georgia – Friday night in various cities across the country there were a number of outbreaks of violence that were a result of anger due to recent wrongful deaths. Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were victims of police incidents while Ahmaud Arbrey was a victim of local racist predators that had government contacts.

These outbreaks of violence, riots or whatever you may call them were led by new whole generation protestors that are angry. Growing tired of constantly seeing people hurt or maybe even killed by the very same people who are supposed to protect them. They want to see a change and they are literally living by the old saying… “No Justice. No Peace.” Chanting it over and over as authorities made their demands for them to leave.

Previous generations had a different way of doing things, but there were always some with a rebellious behavior who didn’t care and demanded a change from the old way of doing things. Martin Luther King Jr was considered a rebel by some of his elders with his peaceful protests: some thought he should keep quiet and abide by the laws. Then a new generation of protestors such as the Black Panther Party came along and they had their way of doing things that were considered rebellious. After that era of the Black Panthers, we have seen generations after another sparking a greater rebellion than the efforts of the previous generations.

Now we are in 2020 and entering a whole new era of rebellion and leadership. Unlike the previous generations, they are eager to have their voices heard and they willing to do so by any means necessary. Even if it is met through violent means.

Please allow me to set this straight before it is misconstrued. I don’t support any of the violent acts and/or looting that occurred during Friday night’s riots. But what I do support is this generation uniting together under one roof without seeing one color. Supporting one another as the brothers and sisters that God intended us to be.

What I saw in downtown Atlanta was more of an act of support. Whites and Blacks were together interacting and loving one another sincerely. Providing each other free water. A first aid station for anyone needing medical attention and more without one racial/color bias.

If it was happening in Atlanta, I am positive that it was happening all over the country. Young people… A new generation of leaders uniting together for the cause of their brother and sister. These are the very people that we need in office today. People who will go out of their way to help their fellow neighbor, classmate, coworker or best friend to make sure they share the very same equal rights.

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Miles J. Edwards

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