My Black Receipt

In years past we have seen various “Black Out” movements encouraging Black Americans to only buy Black on a particular day, but this new movement, #MyBlackReceipt, is something different.

Organized by a partnership of various Black-owned businesses: Black upStart, Broccoli City, HBCU Wall Street, Knox Street Studios and We Buy Black. By partnering together, their goal is to circulate at least five million dollars in revenue within the Black community by making purchases through Black-owned businesses during a 15-day period.

The movement’s dedicated website states “the “My Black Receipt” movement will activate an army of consumers to buy from a Black-owned business on Juneteenth (June 19) through Independence Day (July 4). Participating is simple, buy Black, upload your Black receipt, and your purchase is added to thousands of others buying Black on these dates! Are you ready to show your Black Receipt?

The official site launching will be on June 19th and a list of various Black-owned busiensses will be available from around the country to choose from.

After making your purchase:

  1. Visit
  2. Input Your Name
  3. Input What Black-Owned Business you purchased from
  4. Input Purchase Amount
  5. Upload Your Receipt

Are you a Black businessowner that wants to be added to the preferred shopping list? Contact them below. We are excited about this and new approach, and we as a Black-owned media group look forward to be apart of this new movement to celebrate our history and econmin power on Juneteenth.


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Miles J. Edwards

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