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Terry Coffey

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Terry Coffey and his high school classmate, Jon Nettlesbey, became one of the most popular songwriting and producing teams within the music industry.

Specializing in R&B, the two wrote and produces songs for some of R&B’s most popular acts during the 80s/90s: Miki Howard, Howard Hewitt, Alexander O’Neal, Keith Washington, The Five Heartbeats soundtrack and more.

During the 90s Coffey’s and Nettlesbey’s popularity grew even more when they wrote Coca-Cola’s most popular commercial jingle ever produced. Coca-Cola relocated Coffey from Los Angeles to Atlanta to work with exclusively.

Today, Coffey continues to reside in Atlanta, and continues to produce music and write as well.

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Miles J. Edwards

Born with a little California Love, and raised with a little SouthernPlayalisticCadillacFunkyMusic.

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