A group of potential owners sends the NFL a proposal to start a new team in Oakland, California

Oakland, California – The San Francisco Gate is reporting that an African-American business development group called, “The African-American Sports & Entertainment Committee,” has developed a proposal to start a new team in Oakland.

The Gate reports that the committee will not be using government funds and will solely finance the operation of the proposed new team themselves. The Oakland Raiders left Oakland for Las Vegas, Nevada, and left a lot of people feeling empty. The Raiders have left Oakland before but later came back. Originally found in Oakland in 1960 and to play in Los Angeles from 1982 season to 1994.

During 2017, Raiders request to relocate to Las Vegas was approved unanimously. January of 2020, the Raiders relocated to Las Vegas to begin the 2020 season in their new location. The move had caused a lot of Oakland residents and long-time Raiders fans to feel abandoned. While some welcomed the move and still cherished the team as their hometown team.

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