Man seeks $700K from Valdosta police for a broken wrist and trauma

Update: This story was initially posted mistaken injury of a broken arm, but has been corrected with Smith’s correct injury of a broken wrist.

Valdosta, Georgia – Mistaken for another man, 46-year-old Antonio Smith, was returning from a Western Union location when he was stopped by four Valdosta police officers. Smith questioned the officers why were they stopping him.

Immediately slammed to the ground by one of the officers, Smith was injured with a broken wrist. In the video, Smith is heard crying and begging for the officers to stop as he laid on the crying. As the officers began to cuff Smith, one of the officers discovered that they had the wrong man.

The Valdosta police officers released Smith without any hesitation and offered medical attention, but Smith refused. From one of the officer’s body cam, the officers are seen with much regret upon their faces that they made an awful mistake while living in today’s political climate.

Smith is now suing the Valdosta Police Department for the amount of $700K on the grounds of conspiracy to create a false report, excessive force, false detention, false arrest and assault, and battery.

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