Activist Shaun King shares that a secret Facebook group of police officers are plotting to kill him

In an article written in Medium, community activist, Shaun King, shares that law enforcement officers have created a private Facebook group and are plotting together to kill him.

“On this past Tuesday morning I received a very alarming text message from a friend. Inside of a private Facebook group for California Law Enforcement Officers, members of the group were openly plotting and planning my assassination,” says King.

King goes on to say that receiving threats are nothing to him because they are normally anonymous, but these threats are more alarming because they came from recognized police officers.

“Sadly, I receive death threats daily. It’s been that for years, but they are mainly from anonymous strangers and seem more designed to intimidate me and my family than they appear to be imminent threats of physical harm. We take them all seriously, but what we found in this private Facebook group is altogether different. These were men and women, in a private group that they had no idea I’d ever see, using their real names and identities, openly plotting to kill me and organizing each other to execute it.”

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