Light it up and go crazy

Eito is an artist from the Pittsburgh area that is evolving. Just as the form of art that he is a part of. Hip Hop constantly evolves to adapt to its environment.


Eito has been evolving the past couple of years as a foster child who eventually found his way of the system and is now sharing his experiences through his music.

“These songs are going to be things that people are used to hearing in the US, ” Eito remarks. “I’m always challenging the narrative going on in the clubs and on the radio.”

Eito’s EP release of “Go Crazy” with Mission To Mars has a unique sound with a touch inspiration for today’s selection of Hip Hop. Eito’s style of flow is sharp-tongued yet laid back, allowing his powerful flow to stay with you long after an initial listen. “I really seek to create music that is anti-disposable and stands the test of time,” said Eito.

Eito’s new EP, “Go Crazy,” was released on July 9th, and can be found at Spotify and Soundcloud.

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Born with a little California Love, and raised with a little SouthernPlayalisticCadillacFunkyMusic.

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