Racism declared a public health crisis in DeKalb County

Atlanta, Georgia – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that DeKalb County has declared racism as a public health crisis.

Led by District 3 commissioner, Larry Johnson, and several Emory medical students and the Board of Commissioners. DeKalb County is believed to be the first county in the state of Georgia to make such a declaration.

“DeKalb’s resolution, like the others, is predicated on scores of studies that have documented how the discrimination long-ingrained in American society produces disparate health outcomes for Black people and other minorities.”

A legacy of disparities that limited Blacks to have access to housing, education, jobs, food and health care.

“Racism attacks people’s physical and mental health,” Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, said in a recent statement. “And racism is an ongoing public health crisis that needs our attention now.”

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