80,000 people evacuated from a Vietnamese town after three tests positive

Da Nang, Vietnam – 80,000 people in the coastal town of Vietnam were evacuated after three locals have tested positive. During the COVID-19, much of the area has been able to avoid any major disruption, but this time it wasn’t the case.

The first case was confirmed late Monday and an additional 11 cases from within the hospital handling the first case. These were the first cases of the virus since April.

“Vietnam’s aggressive response to the burgeoning outbreak is a prime example of how it has been able to keep the pandemic at arm’s length. With a population close to 95.5 million people, Vietnam has seen only 431 cases of Covid-19 and zero deaths, according to John Hopkins University.”

READ MORE: 80,000 Evacuated From Vietnamese Beach Town After Three Locals Test Positive For Coronavirus

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