A second possible stimulus check introduced

Washington, D.C. – Monday the Republicans proposed their second round of stimulus funding.

Another $1,200 stimulus check will be provided to qualified Americans (if you qualified for the previous check. You would most likely receive the second check). Those with qualified dependents will receive $500 for each qualified dependant. The previous stimulus check only allowed dependant care for those with children under the age of 17. Now people can receive $500 for taking care of elder loved ones.

“We also include, in the additional $500 for each dependent, some people that we didn’t intend to leave out last time, but we did,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said from the Senate floor on Monday. “So regardless of age, some of these dependents will now be helped.”

The Democrat proposed a similar plan but for dependant care instead $500 it would have been $1,200 for each child.

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